DB0B0012-Edit-EditKimber is a NASM certified personal trainer, Spartan SGX, Spartan Obstacle Specialist, and EDGE Trainer,  with a passion for long-term life style changes. She began her journey many years ago with infertility struggles. Four kids later and over 40 pounds lost, she strives to teach others how to achieve their goals while igniting their purpose. “I get excited when someone can touch their toes for the first time.” Whether you are a tired mom needing to release some energy, or sit behind a desk all day, Kimber aims to shift our culture one habit at a time. “Culture determines our habits.” From our food to the way we exercise, she will turn your views upside down.

Looking at life from the perspective of  becoming healthy enough to ignite your purpose, goals shift from just losing weight. Weight loss becomes a welcomed byproduct of long term healthy living. You will be able to comfortably lift your children, chase after them, and even beat them in a race. You will be able to take your 30 pound Costco size bag of dog food into the house without a struggle or walk through a theme park without getting winded. Imagine being able to fulfill your purpose just because you are not sick or limited by physical restrictions.

“He did not come to thin our human life; He came to set it free. All the dancing and feasting and processing and singing and building and sculpting and baking and merrymaking that belong to us, and that were stolen away into the service of false gods, are returned to us in the gospel.” -Thomas Howard Evangelical is not Enough

We don’t need to be saved from our humanness, just our sin.  God has given each one of us a purpose and a passion. From building, sculpting, and baking to merrymaking. Whatever it is…how simple it may seem…we need to be able to fulfill our purpose.

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